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Frill: A Lolita Convention

Affrilliation Presents:

June 9th and 10th in Atlanta, Georgia

Please join us in our debut year for a weekend of fun and excitement with a touch of southern hospitality. We have lots of events planned and shopping, shopping and more shopping! Please follow the cut to find out more details or click HERE to go directly to our website.

Frill Boutique and Fashion Show:
We are pleased to be bringing together some of the best indie designers and shops to provide a unique lolita shopping experience. So far we have 4 featured shops from both the US and Korea to tickle your fancy with more amazing surprises on the way!

Frill Consignment Shop:
Out with the old and in with the new. Sell your gently used lolita items and shop for more!

We will also be having a selection of curated panels to entertain and educate you on your favorite topics. Here are three but we will be doing many more:
Deco: Presented by Alice Doll
Wigs, Hair and You
Lolify Your Life: Mixing the everyday with lolita

Social Events:

Cafe with Parlor Games
Evening Entertainment and Cash Bar
Sunday Luncheon Tea

For more info please visit

Our Frill Directors:
Andrea - loliandrea - Co-Chair, Marketing
Megan- missmeganmaude - Co-Chair, Programming
Amber- dearestvictoria - Vendor Coordinator
Dawn- belovedwolf - Vendor Coordinator
Rebecca - porphyria_ash - Registration
Becky - labcoatlolita - Panel Coordinator
Betty - narfzz - Volunteer Coordinator
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