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Frill: Updates!

We have lots of updates to share. The best update is a preview of a few of the things that will be going into the VIP Packages. We only have 25 total VIP packages and we've already sold more than half! If you want a VIP package there are only 10 left, please be sure to hurry before they sellout. Once they are gone we will not be able to offer any more.

To skip the updates under the cut click HERE to go straight to our website.
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Frill: A Lolita Convention

Affrilliation Presents:

June 9th and 10th in Atlanta, Georgia

Please join us in our debut year for a weekend of fun and excitement with a touch of southern hospitality. We have lots of events planned and shopping, shopping and more shopping! Please follow the cut to find out more details or click HERE to go directly to our website.

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