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Frill: Updates!

We have lots of updates to share. The best update is a preview of a few of the things that will be going into the VIP Packages. We only have 25 total VIP packages and we've already sold more than half! If you want a VIP package there are only 10 left, please be sure to hurry before they sellout. Once they are gone we will not be able to offer any more.

To skip the updates under the cut click HERE to go straight to our website.

 VIP Package Photos:

As a starter VIP Packages will include the following:

  • Megan Maude Headbow
  • OPI Nail Polish
  • My Dearest Victoria Rose Brooch
  • The Snow Field Star Clip
We plan to include a couple other small items as well. Look for more pictures in our next update.

 Food Preview:
  • If you purchase a lunch here's a look at what you will be getting. In addition to getting to choose form 3 hearty entrees you can choose either chips, fresh fruit salad, or a spring mix salad, and a drink (non-refillable). If you would like refills on your drink you can buy a Drink Pass that gets you free refills for the duration of the daytime activities. For full details please see this page on our website.
  • We also have some more info about what will be available at the cafe throughout the day here.


  • Boutique is still accepting applications for clothing shops. All submissions will be under consideration. Shops submitting work must be at an advanced or professional level of construction quality. Please go to this page for more info on how to apply.
  • Consignment now has a new fee schedule which is as low as 10%! More details here.
  • There has been some concern addressed to us as to the 7-10 business days delay in payment to sellers after the close of the convention for sales made in the consignment shop. The reason for this delay is to allow us to be able to take credit cards for payment. We want to give our shoppers the chance to pay with any major credit card. We will  not have access to the funds from credit card sales until a few days after the convention. We have to wait on our card processor to finalize all the transactions and make a deposit into our business account. As soon as we have the money from the credit card transactions then we will be able to send the money to the sellers as payment. Sellers have the option to take payment via a check from our business account or they can opt to get payment via paypal but of course there are fees associated with paypal on the receivers end.

For further info on Shopping please see the FAQ we have started here. Feel free to address any further questions to us in the comments section of this post.

 Travel and Accommodations:
We have updated our website with Group Rates at most of the local hotels. If you would like to get a discounted Group Rate for any of the local hotels you will have to call and make reservations over the phone. Group rates are not available online. Please see this page for further details.

We've fleshed out a lot more of the details for our curated panels. Please check all the info out here.

 Our Frill Directors are happy to answer your questions.

Please feel free to ask anything in the comments section.

For more info please visit

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